Tips On Getting Your Home Sold Better, Faster and At a Great Price

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Though almost anyone you ask will tell you that the best time to be selling a home is in early spring and in the summer, the truth is that many experienced Realtors would advise otherwise.  As the leaves continue to fall and the weather gets colder, fewer homeowners end up putting their home on the market for sale.   In actuality however, so-called “off seasons” are better times to sell because of several reasons.

First, there is less competition which means there will be more buyers vying for fewer homes and the chances of your home getting sold faster at a price you are more comfortable are higher.  Second, savvy buyers these days know when a good deal comes their way and though it is a soft market nationwide for the most part, good homes that are in great condition are the fastest to go and of course the most in demand.

Making Sure Your Home Is A Cut Above the Rest

Considering that during the cooler months more buyers have less to work with in terms of inventory, one of the best opportunities you have to stand out in the crowd is to be that one house on the block (or area) that is in perfect condition.  Make an effort starting now to prepare the home so that when it comes time to put it on the market, the property is in perfect showing condition.

Take care of any scuffmarks, moving dents in the case of a vacant home or other surface blemishes on the walls.  Apply a fresh coat of paint in all areas where it is needed.  Have carpets that are in reasonably good condition professionally steam cleaned or replace carpeting altogether.  Refurbish, polish and professionally clean all wood, laminate and tile floors.  Power wash exterior windows and siding.  Update any outdated appliances or fix and/or replace anything that is not in working order.  Assign some attention to curb appeal, maintain the outdoor areas making the home’s exterior inviting.

Price Your Home Effectively

The single biggest reason that homes do not sell easily or quickly is that they are overpriced.  Be conscientious when determining the price of your home.  In fact, as a proactive measure, many sellers are paying for an appraisal as part of the process so that they can get a professionally accurate idea of what their home is valued compared to other like homes in the vicinity.  This also serves as an excellent selling and negotiation tool when it comes to price haggling.

The attached article illustrates 7 Deadly Sins of Overpricing, courtesy some of the things sellers do that get in the way of selling their homes.  The list includes things like paving the way for your competition’s success when buyers compare your high price to lower prices in neighboring homes.  Another problem that occurs as a result of overpricing is market stagnation where the home sits on the market way too long and then fails to attract enough attention.

Don’t Wait Till the Snow Melts

By placing your home on the market as early as mid-January to early February, you will be able to take advantage of the early buyers out there.  Keep in mind that real estate agents also scour the MLS listings out there and communicate them with their buyers. Many times in this case, the early bird definitely gets the worm.
The three main factors in any market that will result in a home sale are location, condition and price.  There is little that homeowners can do about their location when reselling their property however condition and price are two areas that are very much in their own hands.  With the guidance of an experienced Realtor you can achieve your home-selling goals and do it very effectively!