Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Stand OUT With a Few INside Changes

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Most people think of the big things when considering what makes a property ripe and ready for sale, generating the interest of lots of buyers and creating lots of incoming offers on the sale. But what many do not realize is that by just changing one aspect of your home’s interior, they can and will significantly enhance the value of that home. By installing quality, buyer-friendly flooring, the value of a home will jump up, as will the interest from buyers looking for the perfect place.

Choosing the Right Type
Durability, Looks, Value

When you are shopping for the perfect new floors, there are some things to consider first. What will be the primary use for the area? How much traffic will there be? What are the priorities in terms of looks vs. value? Will the home be used for a while or is the flooring being enhanced primarily prior to sale?

Once you have answered some of these questions, it will be easier to decide on a type of flooring. Typically basements, children’s rooms and play areas plus hallways require heavy duty and more durable carpets or hard floors. There are many options that will provide both durability and aesthetic enjoyment, such as Berber carpeting or commercial grade laminate flooring. Master bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and other high-traffic areas are well-suited for the use of ceramic tiling, which while can get expensive, is an excellent choice because of its long-lasting quality and stylish appearance. Buyers are naturally drawn to homes with more ceramic tiling and high-end floors.

Finding the Right Colors
Modern, Stylish, Versatile

Style is relative. Where one person may want a kaleidoscope of colors all around them, others may find a pastel color palette appealing. The single best way to accommodate potential buyers in all situations is to install modern materials, but in neutral tones that will work with any design scheme. The key to style is not in the colors, rather the latest available types out there. If you choose a Sisal carpet, buyers will automatically be pulled in by the versatility and modern look of the flooring. High-gloss marble tiling for more upscale homes is also a good choice, but again keeping with a neutral color palette. Since walls, furniture and other design elements are adjustable it is important, especially in cases where you are looking to sell the home, to install light to medium neutrals. So, for instance when considering hard wood floors, opting for a walnut may be better than cherry since the latter will show dust, is slightly more limiting in terms of the rest of the design scheme and may not be liked by all potential buyers.

Getting the Best Quality
Long-lasting, Easy to Manage, Updated

There are two types of quality; good quality and bad quality and nothing in between. By opting to invest a little more now, the returns will be far more fruitful later. Some cheaper flooring companies try to get away with lower prices using tactics like camouflaging low quality carpet with better padding or offering quality grades that have the durability to last only a year or so before needing to be replaced.

When choosing flooring, save by getting better quality materials and products that are on sale or at an outlet rather than lower-priced and consequently lower quality to begin with. A little extra now can translate into a significant difference later, in many aspects.
If you want your home looking great while at the same time giving you great returns at the time of sale, there is a huge opportunity to do so by enhancing the style, color and quality of your existing flooring. Whether you opt to install fresh, durable carpet in the basement or new porcelain tiling in a guest bathroom – no matter where you make the changes, they will be noticeable to buyers, which means success for you!